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    Indian Trust Act 1882 defines the Trust as an organization where the owner (trustor) decides to transfer the right of his property to a second person called trustee so that the third person (beneficiary) can take the benefit out of it. Such a property is moved by the trustor to the trustee alongside a declaration that the trustee should hold the property for the recipients of the Trust.

    Trust Is Classified Into Two Categories

    • Public Trust – To provide benefits to the public at large.
    • Private Trust – For the benefit of families or individuals

    Benefits Of Trust

    Social Work

    A trust gives benefits for the poverty people and parallely publicity.


    Family trusts are not registered publically and therefore, they can be kept confidentially.

    Tax Exemption

    Any trust that has 12A certificate is not liable to pay Income tax for the entire lifetime on its surplus income.

    Government Grant

    Trusts get land and assistance from the government.

    Legal Entity

    Each member of this trust is responsible for their actions and not the other members.

    Legal Protection

    Nobody can use your name, and in case there is an issue as such, they will be large for a penalty.

    Process Of Trust


    Prepare and consolidate documents required for OPC registration.

    Trust Registration

    Trust deed must be present it before the registrar of the trusts having jurisdiction.

    Selection of Name

    Select a unique name for your trust, the name must not lead to any infringement.

    PAN, TAN And Bank Account

    Apply for allocation of PAN number and TAN and afterwards apply for a bank account.

    Drafting Of Deed

    The trust deed should be drafted wherein the gatherings to the deed will be settlor (creator of the trust deed), the trustee and the recipient.

    Documents Needed Trust

    Proof of Identity

    Trust Deed

    Passport Sized Photographs

    Address proof of Registered Office

    NOC from Landlord

    Any other document [If required]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most frequent questions and answers

    The purpose for which a public trust can be created is the benefit of general public, and the same must be clearly prescribed in the trust deed, as it guides its functioning in the course of time. Generally a public trust is created for setting up a school, colleges, other educational initiatives, hospital, old age homes, orphanage, for promotion of child health and their empowerment, welfare of weaker section of society, and for fulfillment of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) by companies under section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013.

    The registration of Trust or Trust Deed Registration is a one and same thing and each state have prescribed a distinct profess for trust registration. As such, there is no uniform trust registration form to register a trust. The basic documents to register a trust is the trust deed and KYC documents of its author, trustee and witness of the trust deed.

    For trust registration the trust deed does not require any specific certification from any professional consultants for trust registration, however, you may need our services for proper drafting of the trust deed, in obtaining the appointment with the registrar of trusts and operational assistance while being present in the registrar office for registration of trust deed.

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