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    Any ‘word’, ‘phrase’, ‘symbol’, and ‘design’ capable of identifying and characterizing the source of the goods of one party from those of others are known as a trademark. Trademark Act, 1999 permits you to register a trademark/Brand in India. It creates a way for exclusive ownership rights and prohibits all others from its usage and thereby benefiting the owner of the registered mark.

    Benefits of Trademark

    Legal Protection

    In the case of unauthorised use of a registered trademark, you can seek relief for violation in proper and adequate courts in the country.

    Asset Creation

    Trademarks can be sold, franchised, distributed or commercially utilised just like any other physical asset.

    Product Divergent

    Trademark will enable differentiation of your product as upon the products of your competitors.


    Trademarks registered and connected with your products, magnify your overall business assessment, goodwill and net worth in the industry.

    Brand Recognition

    Customers correlate a product’s appearance, quality, features, and hence on with the company producing such products.

    Business Expansion

    Your trademark helps you in retaining and expanding the customer base. Trademark Registration of your trademark confers exclusive rights of use for 10 years and protects your business revenues.

    Process of Trademark


    Prepare and consolidate documents required for Trademark Registraion.

    File Application

    Fill in form TM-1 with a fee payable

    Pay Applicable Fee

    Rs. 4500 for small organisations
    Rs. 9000 for Corporates and Partnership Firms.

    Issuance of Registration Certificate

    Registration Certificate shall be issued if there is no objection from 3rd Party..

    Documents Needed Trademark

    Details of the brand name, logo, symbol or slogan for which trademark registration is required.

    Applicable fees for Trademark registration.

    Date of first use of the trademark.

    Details of the owner of the trademark like name and address.

    An authorization form named TM-48.

    MSME / Start-up Recognition

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most frequent Questions and Answers

    Yes, Zippyway is an Online Platform serving all over India. Thus, No matter where you doing your business, all you need is Internet Connection on your mobile or desktop and we are ready to get your job done.

    No, You don’t need to be physically present for the process. Zippyway is an Online Catering Platform, all you need is Internet Connection in your device and the required documents with you. We will get the job done even if you are present at the remotest location of India.

    In most of the cases, you will receive the final soft copy of Certificates (or the requisite document) over e-mail and in relevant cases, you will receive the hard copy through the post.

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