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    The financial projection shows forecasts and predictions on the financial estimates and numbers that range from revenues and expenses pertaining to financial statements and takes external market factors and internal data into account.

    How to make a Financial Projection?

    Elements of Financial Projects

    #1- Income Statements

    The income statement usually comprises of estimates and projections on revenue and expenses along with net income.

    #2-Cash Flow Projections

    The cash flow projection usually comprises of revenues collected in cash form—the disbursements of cash display all the expenses incurred by the business on a cash basis

    #3- Balance Sheet Projections

    The balance sheet projects or describes the net worth of the business. Projections can be prepared for the assets, equity, and liabilities of the balance sheet. Assets represent items that are of economic value and importance for the business. Liabilities represent items that the company owes to the creditors.

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