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    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a process used by companies to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. Many ERP software applications are important to companies because they help them implement resource planning by integrating all of the processes needed to run their companies with a single system. An ERP software system can also integrate planning, purchasing inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and more.

    Benefits of ERP

    Specifically, key business benefits of ERP software are:

    Enhanced Business Reporting

    Better reporting tools with real-time information.
    · A single source of truth – one integrated database for all business processes

    Boosted Cash Flow

    · Better invoicing and better collections tools to bring cash in faster · Faster cash means more cash on-hand for the business

    Better customer service

    Better access to customer information
    · Faster response times
    Improved on-time delivery
    · Improved order accuracy

    Cost Savings

    · Improved inventory planning · Better procurement management · Better customer service · Improved vendor relationship management

    Improved Inventory Costs

    - Only carry as much inventory as needed, avoid these common issues
    - Too much inventory, and higher overhead costs
    - Too little inventory, and longer customer fulfillment times

    Better Data & Cloud Security

    · Dedicated security resources · Avoid installing malicious software · Data distributed across multiple servers

    Superior Supply Chain Management

    · Effective demand forecasting and lean inventory · Reduce production bottlenecks · Transparency through the business

    Modernized Business Process Standardization

    · Dedicated security resources · Avoid installing malicious software · Data distributed across multiple servers

    Steps involved in ERP Implementation


    ERP implementation can be a lengthy and difficult process for any company. But with the right methodology and strategy, you can see dramatic improvements in your business afterward.


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