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    Every Private Limited company irrespective of its size has to file returns and documents to comply with the legal requirements given in the Act and is known as ROC compliance. Failing to comply with rules & guidelines can attract a hefty penalty on the company and their stakeholders.

    Mandatory Compliances


    Every Director of the Company in each Financial Year will file with the Company disclosure and non-disqualification.


    Every Director of the Company in First Meeting of the Board of Director in each Financial Year will disclose his interest in other entities under this form.


    Form MGT-7 is the annual return of the company, which is filed within 60 days of the holding of AGM.


    Every company shall file of resolutions with MCA regarding Board Report and Annual Accounts.


    Every Company is required to file its Balance Sheet along with a statement of Profit and Loss Account and Director Report in this form.


      • Every company needs to appoint of Auditor will be appointed for the 5 (Five) years and form ADT-1 will be filed for a 5-years appointment.
      • After that, every year in AGM shareholder will ratify the Auditor but there is no need to file ADT-1.


    It is a return of deposits that companies must file to furnish information about deposits and/or outstanding receipt of loan or money other than deposits.


    Form is for the payment of half yearly return with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) in context of the outstanding payments to Micro or Small Enterprises.

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