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    BIS is a national body which ensures the quality, safety and reliability of products in India. The purpose of BIS is to examine the samples of products when they are preliminary and surveillance stage. India has a total of eight central, four regional and three branch laboratories of BIS. It allows the manufacturer to use the popular ISI Mark on their products which says that the product is pure and healthy. BIS Registration product scheme also operates Foreign Manufactures Certification Scheme under which overseas manufacturer can be granted a license to use the BIS standard mark.

    BIS Registration Schemes

    Normal Procedure For Domestic Manufacturer

    The applicant needs to submit the BIS Registration or BIS Registration application along with certain documents and the requisite fees. After submitting the application an evaluation is carried out by a BIS officer where the samples are tested in the factory and drawn an independent testing report. And, if all things go well BIS Registration is provided where the sampling procedure is acceptable. BIS Registration is granted within 4 months after the submission of the application.

    Simplified Procedure for Domestic Manufacturers

    In the simplified procedure, the applicant along with the application for BIS Registration submits a test report of the sample from the approved lab to the BIS officer. If the test report is satisfactory then the BIS officer will verify the factory and grant certificate of registration within 30 days of submission of BIS Registration application with a required test report.

    The simplified procedure is applicable for Products like cylinders, valves, cement, etc. , where it is necessary to get the approval from another statutory authority; All those products for which BIS license is issued on the basis of factory testing; Packaged Drinking Water (PDW) and Packaged Natural Mineral Water (PNMW).

    Eco Mark Scheme

    BIS also provides License to environmentally friendly products under a special scheme- ECO Mark Scheme where all environmental products are categorized conforming to the basic requirements under Indian Standards.

    Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme

    The ISI mark for overseas applicants or manufacturers is specially designed and granted under a separate scheme within 6 months period. In the year 2000 the concept of Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS) was introduced by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) with the aim to enable the overseas applicants or foreign manufacturers so that they too can use Standard Mark on their products. A BIS license that falls under this procedure can be obtained in 6 months.

    Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)

    Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) has notified "Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012" on 3 Oct 2012 for fifteen categories of electronics items. Later the list was expanded to include more than 50 products.

    As per the Order, no person shall manufacture or store for sale, import, sell or distribute goods which do not conform to the Indian standard specified in the order. Manufacturers of these products are required to apply for registration from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) after getting their product tested from BIS recognized labs.

    Bureau of Indian Standards then registers the manufacturers under its registration scheme who are permitted to declare that their articles conform to the Indian Standard (s). The registered manufacturers are then allowed to put the Standard Mark notified by the Bureau.


    Ensure quality standards

    BIS adopts the holistic approach for the implementation of quality compliances for all manufacturers. Entities under BIS registration are bound to follow a certain standard for the manufacturing of the goods.

    Lab testing for quality inspection

    Since BIS works on the standardization of the quality, it has incorporated state of the art lab in different parts of the country.

    Product Authenticity

    BIS certified products left no complaint in this aspect as they promise to deliver high-quality performance and unparalleled reliability.

    Minimizing environmental risk

    BIS has taken several measures in this direction and implements a definitive protocol for producing such items to eliminate environmental risk.



    Prepare and consolidate documents required for BIS registration

    Preliminary Inspection

    Then the BIS Officer will go for a preliminary Inspection and test samples.

    Issue of License

    After receipt of the performance review report by Independent Labs, license will be issued..

    File Application

    There will be an application submission to respective authority.

    Factory Surveillance

    Factory’s complete survey is conducted by inspecting authority and samples will be sent to independent labs. .

    Documents Needed

    Factory Documents & Information

    Trademark Registration Copy

    Organizational chart of the factory

    Legal address proof of factory

    List of machinery

    List of equipments

    Technical Information of Product

    PCB Layout

    User Manual

    Schematic Diagram

    Critical Components List

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